We seek to understand the principles underlying protein structure and function, to encode these principles in software, and to use them to create a new world of designed proteins that address modern challenges in medicine and technology. By iterating between computation and laboratory experiments, we continually improve our protein design methods.

We are always looking for new people to join our efforts. Our philosophy is that the more closely interacting a research group is, the better the science and the more fun overall. Click here to learn about available child-care options.


September 2022 Congratulations to recent graduate student Jiayi Dou on starting her own lab at ShanghaiTech University in China.

September 2022 Welcome new postdocs Hojun Choi, Samuel Hendel, and Caixuan Liu, and new rotation students Paul Kim, Paul Kwon, Peik Lund-Andersen, Joe Min, Donal Naylor, and Pascal Sturmfels.

September 2022 Congratulations to recent postdoc Erika Benedictus on starting her own lab at the Francis Crick Institute in the United Kingdom.

August 2022 Congratulations to recent lab members Naozumi Hiranuma, Patrick Salveson, and Adam Moyer on launching their new therapeutics company, Vilya Inc.

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