We develop protein design software and use it to create molecules that solve modern challenges in medicine, technology and sustainability. By iterating between computation and laboratory experiments, we continually improve our protein design methods.

We’re always looking for new people to join our efforts. Our philosophy is that the more closely interacting a research group is, the better the science and the more fun overall.

Research Areas


May 2023 Congratulations to grad students Nate Bennett, Fatima A Davila Hernandez, and Erin Yang on defending their PhD theses.

April 2023 Welcome new postdoc Edin Muratspahic and visiting Master’s student Lisa Brandenburg.

March 2023 Congratulations to grad students Dimitri Zorine, Sanaa Mansoor, and Phil Leung on defending their PhD theses.

March 2023 Welcome new postdocs Magnus Bauer, Declan Evans, and Edin Muratspahic, rotation students Bo Wen and Valentina Alvarez, as well as visitor Roberta Lucchi.

February 2023 Congratulations to grad student Meerit Said on defending her PhD thesis.