We seek to understand the fundamental principles underlying protein structure and function, to encode these principles in the Rosetta computer program, and to use Rosetta to create a new world of de novo designed proteins to address 21st century challenges in health and technology.
We design new proteins starting from first principles on the computer, encode them in synthetic DNA, produce the proteins in bacteria, and determine whether they fold and function as designed. By iterating between computation and experiment, we continually improve our design methodology. In all cases, we start entirely from first principles; we do not re-engineer native proteins.
Our philosophy is that the more closely interacting a research group is, the better the science and the more fun overall. We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic scientists to join our efforts!
We are located within the Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Current research areas

  • Designing molecular switches, enzymes, and motors
  • Designing delivery vehicles for targeted intracellular delivery of biologics
  • Designing smart protein therapeutics that carry out logic operations in the body
  • Developing general computational methods for designing high-affinity binders to arbitrary small molecule and protein targets
  • Designing membrane-permeable macrocyclic peptide therapeutics
  • Generating novel hybrid materials through designed biomineralization
  • Deep learning for protein structure refinement