David Baker, PhD

Director, Institute for Protein Design
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Henrietta and Aubrey Davis Endowed Professor, Biochemistry
Adjunct Professor, Genome Sciences, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics
University of Washington

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Abbas Idris

Adam Broerman

Adam is working out how to design the dynamics (interaction kinetics and conformational change) of protein assemblies.

Alexis Courbet, PhD

Alexis is working to rationally install dynamic and mechanical behavior into de novo protein nanostructures.

Amijai Saragovi, PhD

Amijai is developing protein-guanine-based optical matter with the aim of constructing tunable reflective systems.

Amir Motmaen

Amir is reconstructing loops using equivariant deep learning models.

Andrew Favor

Andrew is interested in designing nanostructures with novel topologies and symmetries.

Anna Lauko

Arvind Pillai, PhD

Arvind is working on the de novo design of an allosterically-regulated protein-protein interactions.

Basile Wicky, PhD

Basile is trying to design protein-protein interactions with tunable kinetic and thermodynamic binding profiles.

Brian Coventry, PhD

Brian is designing protein-protein interactions.

Brian Koepnick, PhD

Brian works on Foldit, a computer game we use to crowdsource problems in protein modeling and design.

Buwei Huang

Buwei is developing de novo protein binders to manipulate cell signaling and achieve ideal functions (e.g. antagonist, agonist).

Caixuan Liu, PhD

Cameron Glasscock, PhD

Cameron is designing protein-DNA interactions.

Chan Johng Kim, PhD

Chan Johng is interested in designing proteins that have unique immunological and physiological properties.

Christian Richardson

Christian is designing synthetic nucleocapsids that can deliver nucleic acid cargo into cells.

Clara McCurdy

Clara is using designed proteins to study signaling and direct stem cell differentiation.

Cullen Demakis

Cullen is interested in enzyme design and two-state design.

Danny Sahtoe, PhD

Danny is focused on the design of proteins that cross the blood-brain barrier by targeting natural transporters.

David Feldman, PhD

David is apply designing proteins as tools to observe and manipulate human cell biology.

David Juergens

David is interested in developing deep-learning based solutions for protein sequence and structure generation.

David Kim

David manages the Rosetta@home distributed computing project.

David Lee

David is excited about understanding how cells work.

Derrick Hicks, PhD

Derrick is developing minibinder-drug conjugates.

Dmitri Zorine

Dmitri's work is centered around making switchable protein-protein interactions.

Doug Tischer, PhD

Doug is exploring the use of machine learning to extract protein design rules from high-throughput screens.

Erin Yang

Erin is working on nanocages, targeted delivery, next-generation vaccines, and STEM outreach.

Fatima Angelica Davila-Hernandez

Fatima is working on designing scaffolds and protein interfaces to interact with iron oxide surfaces.

Florian Praetorius, PhD

Florian is trying to design reconfigurable and dynamic proteins and protein assemblies.

Gyu Rie Lee, PhD

Gyu Rie is designing proteins that bind to small molecules.

Hanlun Jiang, PhD

Hanlun is designing multiple loops to diversify the functionality of de novo protein scaffolds.

Hao Shen, PhD

Hao is designing new protein materials.

Harley Pyles, PhD

Harley is designing and testing protein-inorganic hybrid materials.

Hernan Nunez-Ortega


Hojun Choi, PhD

Hojun is interested in designing proteins that bind to amyloid proteins and intrinsically disordered proteins.

Hsien Wei Yeh, PhD

Hsien Wei (Andy) is designing molecular switches to dissect complex biological systems, and biosensors to guide rapid diagnostic tests.

Hugh Haddox, PhD

Hugh is using data from design to help tune the Rosetta energy function.

Ian Humphreys

Ian uses deep learning and coevolution to predict proteome-wide protein interactions and oligomeric structures.

Indrek Kalvet, PhD

Indrek is designing new (metallo)enzymes based on de novo protein scaffolds.

Inna Goreshnik, PhD

Isaac Lutz

Isaac is using reinforcement learning to design nanocages and peptide binders.

Isaac Sappington

Issa Yousif

Issa is working to develop protein nanocarriers for targeted therapeutic delivery.

Ivan Anishchenko, PhD

Ivan is developing new methods for protein structure prediction and design including deep-learning based methods.

Jacob Gershon

Jacob is interested in generative modelling to address challenges in protein design.

Jason Zhang, PhD

Jason is developing molecular tools for Ras signaling.

Jeremiah Sims

Jilliane Perkins, PhD

Jilliane is using designed protein switches to deliver therapeutics to cancer cells expressing a precise combination of surface antigens.

Jinwei Xu, PhD

Jinwei is exploring ways to integrate engineered biological macromolecules with synthetic nanomaterials.

Joseph Harman, PhD

Joseph is designing receptor agonists and synthetic receptors for cell signaling applications.

Joseph Watson, PhD

Joe is trying to design proteins that undergo defined conformational changes in response to different stimuli.

Joshua Lubner, PhD

Joshua is designing de novo protein nanoparticles that efficiently escape the endosome.

Jue Wang, PhD

Jue is designing functional proteins using deep learning.

Julius Wenckstern

Jungho Chun

Jungho is designing proteins that can modulate immune cells to differentiate into certain cell stages and elicit desired immune responses.

Justas Dauparas, PhD

Justas is developing machine learning methods for protein structure prediction and design.

Kandise Van Wormer


Kejia Wu

Kiera Sumida

Kiera is leveraging Rosetta and deep-learning methods to discover and design novel PET hydrolases.

Larissa Ault

Larissa is interested in designing proteins that can modulate and stimulate powerful immune responses.

Linna An, PhD

Linna designs protein binders for small molecules and peptide binders for protein complexes.

Lukas Milles, PhD

Lukas is designing robust protein folds as well as intra- and intermolecular isopeptide bonds.

Marc Exposit

Marc is interested in protein design approaches that combine scaffold generation with the binding of a target of interest.

Matthias Gloegl, PhD

Matthias is designing novel antiviral inhibitors, immunomodulators, and vaccines.

Meerit Said

Meerit is designing metal-binding peptides with the hopes of making them catalytically active.

Mohamad Abedi, PhD

Mohamad is interested in designing proteins to engineer and control cellular function.

Nate Bennett

Nate is developing computational methods to improve the design of polar protein-protein interfaces.

Nate Ennist, PhD

Nate is designing proteins for artificial photosynthesis with the long-term goal of producing renewable fuel.

Neville Bethel, PhD

Neville is interested in the mechanical properties of protein assemblies.

Patrick Erickson, PhD

Pat is interested in designing miniprotein therapeutics with non-canonical amino acids.

Phil Leung

Phil is trying to make proteins that have two defined structural states.

Preetham Venkatesh

Preetham is currently working on designing mimics of insulin and EGF using inpainting to scaffold native interfaces.

Rob Ragotte, PhD

Rob designs protein binders for applications in infectious disease.

Robert Pecoraro

Robert is working on the computational design of proteins that bind specific DNA sequences.

Rohith Krishna

Rohith is developing deep learning methods for structure prediction and design.

Ryan Kibler

Ryan is developing a generalized method for transforming homo-oligomers into pseudosymmetric hetero-oligomers.

Ryan McHugh

Ryan is working on structure prediction and the design of protein-nucleic acid complexes.

Sagardip Majumder, PhD

Sagardip is designing new transmembrane transport proteins.

Sam Pellock, PhD

Sam is interested in developing new experimental approaches to rapidly measure functions.

Samuel Berhanu, PhD

Samuel is working on the de novo design of membrane proteins.

Samuel Hendel, PhD

Sanaa Mansoor

Sanaa is using deep learning (specifically generative models) for protein structure refinement and design.

Sangmin Lee, PhD

Sangmin is interested in designing protein nanocages and complex nanostructures.

Sanjay Srivatsan, PhD

Sanjay is trying to deploy sequencing-based technologies to screen binders.

Shingo Honda, PhD

Shingo is trying to assemble asymmetric protein oligomers based on cooperative interactions between each monomer.

Shunzhi Wang, PhD

Shunzhi is interested in designing self-assembling protein nanomaterials, including capsids, 2D lattices, and 3D crystals.

Sidney Lisanza

Sidney is designing proteins to modulate the immune system in a predefined manner.

Stephanie Hanna

Stephanie is designing de novo, chemically inducible dimerization systems.

Susana Vazques Torres

Susana is designing proteins that interact with small molecules and other proteins.

Teresa Schaaf

‪Thomas Schlichthärle‬, PhD

Thomas is working to create superagonists from miniprotein binders that spatiotemporally control cell signaling.

Tim Huddy, PhD

Tim works on designing proteins that are like LEGO® building blocks.

Wei Yang, PhD

Wei is interested in designing protein minibinders.

Will Sheffler, PhD

Will develops useful code.

William White

Will is using designed protein scaffolds to present antigens and co-stimulation to T-cells.

Xinru Wang, PhD

Xinru wants to design binders that target native proteins to regulate their functions.

Yakov Kipnis, PhD

Yakov is working on computational enzyme design.

Yang Hsia, PhD

Yang develops methods for designing new protein-based materials.

Yujia Wang, PhD

Yujia is designing de novo protein binders for protein-protein interfaces and small molecules for therapeutic applications.

Yulai Liu

Yulai is designing membrane proteins that can function as biosensors.

Zhe Li, PhD

Zhe is studying annealing in protein self-assembly and designing 3D protein crystals.

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