October 2023 Welcome new postdocs Yang Bo and Andrew Hunt and visitors Russell Ault, Joseph Cotruvo, and Stann Van-Baaren.

September 2023 Welcome new postdocs Han Raut Altae-Tran, Sebastian Kenny, Karly Fear, and Bingxu Liu as well as rotation students Pooja Bandawane, Riti Biswas, Hayden Henry, Jihun Jeung, Andrew Kubaney, Yahia Saad, Zihao Song.

August 2023 Welcome new postdocs Green Ahn, Ellen Shrock, and Ge Liu as well as new research scientist Abishai Ebenezer.

July 2023 Welcome new postdoc Xiangli Qu and rotation student Fenris Lu.

June 2023 Welcome new rotation students Sam Barkal, Ella Suzanne Haefner, Nora McNamara-Bordewick, Alexander Shida, and Seth Woodbury.

May 2023 Congratulations to grad students Nate Bennett, Fatima A Davila Hernandez, and Erin Yang on defending their PhD theses.

April 2023 Welcome new postdoc Edin Muratspahic and visiting Master’s student Lisa Brandenburg.

March 2023 Congratulations to grad students Dimitri Zorine, Sanaa Mansoor, and Phil Leung on defending their PhD theses.

March 2023 Welcome new postdocs Magnus Bauer, Declan Evans, and Edin Muratspahic, rotation students Bo Wen and Valentina Alvarez, as well as visitor Roberta Lucchi.

February 2023 Congratulations to grad student Meerit Said on defending her PhD thesis.

January 2023 Welcome new rotation students Katherine Feldmann, Mattias Tolhurst, and Long Tran as well as postdoc Ljubica Mihaljevic and research scientist Nicole Roullier.

January 2023 Congratulations to recent postdoc Danny Sahtoe on starting his own lab at the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands.

December 2022 Welcome new postdocs David Chmielewski and Jason Qian, as well as Al Nelson, a visiting professor from the UW Department of Biochemistry.

November 2022 Congratulations to grad student Ryan Kibler on defending his PhD thesis.

October 2022 Welcome new postdocs Wei Chen, Nikita Hanikel, and Kathryn Shelley, as well as new VISIT Intern Soichiro Nishio.

September 2022 Congratulations to recent graduate student Jiayi Dou on starting her own lab at ShanghaiTech University in China.

September 2022 Welcome new postdocs Hojun Choi, Samuel Hendel, and Caixuan Liu, and new rotation students Paul Kim, Paul Kwon, Peik Lund-Andersen, Joe Min, and Donal Naylor.

September 2022 Congratulations to recent postdoc Erika Benedictus on starting her own lab at the Francis Crick Institute in the United Kingdom.

August 2022 Congratulations to recent lab members Naozumi Hiranuma, Patrick Salveson, and Adam Moyer on launching their new therapeutics company, Vilya Inc.

August 2022 Welcome new postdocs Chan Johng Kim and Matthias Gloegl.

August 2022 Congratulations to grad student Jilliane Bruffey on defending her PhD thesis.

August 2022 We’re launching a new Transitions page on the lab website.