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Fluorescent proteins designed from scratch

In the summer of 1961, Osamu Shimomura drove across the country in a cramped station wagon to scoop jellyfish from the docks of Friday Harbor. He wanted to discover what made them glow. It took Shimomura and other biochemists more 30 years to find a full answer. By then, recombinant DNA technology allowed researchers to …

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Hiking the Alpine Lakes of the Central Cascades

It’s been a hot summer in Seattle! To escape the heat, the lab headed east to the Alpine Lakes of the Central Cascades. Some hikes were short (just enough to swim in Melakwa Lake) and some were long (tracking until they hit snow). Zibo, a graduate student in the lab, brought a drone along to …

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The lab goes to Paradise

After months of grey Seattle skies, the lab leapt at a chance to synthesize some vitamin D in Paradise (an actual place at the base of Mount Rainier). Some snowshoed, some skied, and others showed up in the afternoon for a delicious lab BBQ.  Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day!

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Halloween 2016 – Rise of the Davids

Happy Halloween! We celebrated early because a party on Monday isn’t as good as a Friday, of course. Take a look at the great costumes this year – it’ll have you seeing double, no, a score! There was also a menagerie of animals running amok, a beaten-up pinata, and an absolutely TERRIFYING scarecrow.

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2015 Lab Holiday Party

On Friday the 18th we had our lab Holiday party! It was supposed to be ugly sweater attire, but only a few of us came dressed appropriately. Fortunately, more people were proactive when participating in the potluck aspect! We had homemade goodies galore, including a creme caramel that had rave reviews, many delicious cookies, an …

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Jacob Bale’s Defense

On Thursday, December 17th, Jacob Bale defended and passed with flying colors! To celebrate, we had various kinds of ice cream floats; some of his family members who attended the defense even joined us in enjoying the sweet treats. We look forward to seeing what Jacob will do in the future. Congratulations!

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