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2015 Lab Holiday Party

On Friday the 18th we had our lab Holiday party! It was supposed to be ugly sweater attire, but only a few of us came dressed appropriately. Fortunately, more people were proactive when participating in the potluck aspect! We had homemade goodies galore, including a creme caramel that had rave reviews, many delicious cookies, an Italian log shaped dessert, apple strudel, and more sugar than could be eaten. Our main courses were a chicken and biscuit casserole and tacos, because what else would you eat for the holidays? We also had more appetizers/snacks than we could count! In addition, we had a “white elephant” gift exchange. The rules were simple: choose a gift from the center, or steal someone else’s! The Nerf gun, giant Toblerone, and bottle of Bacardi got stolen more than once, while Fabio couldn’t give away, much less entice anyone to steal, his large container of cheese puffs. It was Jorge’s birthday and he was able to secure the gift he wanted: the coveted, very cute, Olaf pillow/stuffed toy! Almost everyone went home with a “present” and full of yuletide spirit (or at least food).

Happy Holidays from the Baker lab!

See below for pictures. Sorry if you were caught with your eyes closed!