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New CPUs = new proteins

Modeling even the smallest protein requires a big computer. That’s why we are expanding and modernizing our in-house computing resources.

Recently, Luki Goldschmidt, Senior Manager of Computing, and Patrick Vecchiato, our Computer Support Analyst, upgraded our local high-performance cluster known as DIGs. We use DIGs to develop new computational methods and protocols.

While a typical laptop might house 4 cores and 16GB of RAM, the new section of DIGs contains 80 CPUs with 1920 cores and 10,240 GB of RAM.

Thanks Luki and Patrick!

  • 2000 lbs of workout arrived by FedEx freight.
  • Tray and trays of CPUs
  • Pins! From 196 to 3647 per CPU.
  • A node and its guts.