About Me:

I manage the Rosetta@home distributed computing project which allows volunteers from around the world to contribute to our research by running Rosetta on their computers and mobile devices. For more information please visit boinc.bakerlab.org. I also manage Robetta (new.robetta.org) which is a free and publicly available protein structure prediction server. My interests are in protein structure prediction and design. Currently, I’m working on the de novo design of small beta-barrels which, in nature, have many important biological functions by interacting with RNA, DNA, proteins, and peptides. This functional diversity makes them great candidates as de novo scaffolds for designing new interactions and functions. I’m also working on improving Robetta by incorporating deep-learning based structure prediction methods which have recently been developed by the lab’s structure prediction group, particularly Ivan Anishchenko, Jianyi Yang and Hahnbeom Park.


Seattle, Washington