Daniel Adriano Silva Manzano, PhD

About Me:

UNAM, Mexico, BS in Basic Biomedical Research

UNAM, Mexico, PhD Biochemistry




My principal research interest is the relation between protein’s folding, structure and function, and the application of such knowledge to build robust computational algorithms for the rational design of functional de novo proteins. In particular, I am interested in the design of novel protein-protein and protein-small-molecule binders, which can be used as: therapeutic drugs, biosensors and nano-materials. My academic formation has been focused on the theoretical and experimental study of structure and function and I have ample expertise in: biochemistry, physicochemistry, statistical-mechanics, molecular dynamics, computer-programming, in silico protein modeling and protein design. My research experience has lead me to dominate multiple theoretical and experimental techniques used for modeling, design and experimental characterization of proteins, such as: computer assisted protein visualization and design, ROSETTA, molecular dynamics simulations, coding on C/C++/MPI/FORTRAN/Python/JAVA/ROSETA++, protein purification, high throughput selection of proteins designs, microcalorimetry, spectroscopy, confocal microscopy and molecular biology.