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I was at UCLA from 2004 until 2010, earning my doctorate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the lab of Todd Yeates. During this time I investigated the effects of knots, slipknots, and disulfide bonds on protein stability and folding using a variety of structural, biophysical, and computational techniques.

Neil King UW

In September of 2010 I began my postdoctoral research here in the Baker Lab at the University of Washington, where I am developing a general method for the computational design of self-assembling protein nanomaterials. I aim to design, produce, and characterize bounded and unbounded materials in one, two, and three dimensions. If successful, the design method will be useful for creating advanced functional materials for a wide variety of downstream applications.

In June 2012 we published a paper describing our approach to protein materials design and its application to the design of self-assembling protein cages with atomic-level accuracy.  We are currently applying our approach to the design of several other classes of materials, and I am starting to think about functionalizing these types of materials for several potential therapeutic applications including targeted delivery and vaccine development.  It's an exciting time!

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