Recommended cuvettes and cleaning solutions


The cuvettes we use with the CD spectrometer are all manufactured by Hellma, Inc. While their are certainly other companies that manufacture cuvettes, we know that the ones from Hellma will fit into spectrometer without additional adapters. Circular Dichroism is a sensitive phenomena, so the optical quality of the cuvette is another important factor. The cuvettes listed below are all made of high grade quartz.

The following cuvettes can be purchased through Hellma, Inc. They are also available through Fisher Scientific.

Hellma Cells, Inc.
80 Skyline Drive
USA-Plainview, N.Y.11803
(516) 939-0888




*specify path length when ordering, as same product number is used for multiple path lengths
Path length Hellma product # Price Use
1mm 110-QS* $151.25 useful for wavelength scans. Less affect on signal from buffer absorbance with the smaller path length
2mm 110-QS* $151.25 useful for temperature melts, in case of aggregation b/c protein concentration can be halved
1cm 101-QS* $138.50 necessary for chemical tritration experiments



Description Product # Price Use
Hellmanex II, 1.3 Kg Hellma 320.001 $81.50 Concentrated alkaline cleaning solution for normal cleaning of cuvettes
VWR Cuvette Spinbar Stir Bar VWR 58949-030 $12.55 Necessary for doing a chemical titration. Stir bar fits into the 1cm path length cuvette

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