Structure prediction problems solved by Foldit players

Cooper, Khatib et al, Nature, 466, 756-60. (2010)

Examples of blind structure prediction problems in which players were successfully able to improve structures. Native structures are shown in blue, starting puzzles in red, and top scoring Foldit predictions in green.

(a) The red starting puzzle had a register shift and the top scoring green Foldit prediction correctly flips and slides the beta strand.

(b) On the same structure as above, Foldit players correctly buried an exposed Isoleucine in the loop on the bottom right by remodeling the loop backbone.

(c) The top scoring Foldit prediction correctly rotated an entire helix that was misplaced in the starting puzzle.

(d) The starting puzzle had an exposed Isoleucine and Phenylalanine on the top, as well as an exposed Valine on the bottom left. The top scoring Foldit prediction was able to correctly bury these exposed hydrophobic residues.

(e) Another successful Foldit helix rotation that correctly buries an exposed Phenylalanine.